In 1987 a hunt called Oregon’s National Blacktail Hunt took place. The purpose was to enjoy hunting Black-tailed Deer, create awareness and recognition to Black-tailed Deer, a challenging and outstanding trophy, and to bring economic impact to Oregon. Oregon Bow Hunters Inc. and NFAA approved and sponsored the event. Since 1987, the name and focus has changed. The Oregon Foundation for Blacktail Deer, is a nonprofit organization, has sponsored hunts, and has held a Blacktail Deer Rendezvous banquet at the end of the hunt. The proceeds are used to help Blacktailed Deer and other wildlife.


The O.F.B.D board and committee members are made up of hunters and non-hunters who are concerned about wildlife management, the habitat, and continued abundant populations Black-tailed Deer and other wildlife, so hunters and the non-hunting public can enjoy many recreational hours viewing, photographing and hunting wildlife.

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